Sunday, March 25, 2012


This is my blog about biblical femininity. This subject is very close to my heart.

I have been on a long journey over the past eleven years of learning what it means to be a woman as God meant for women to be. I am still learning. In fact the more I learn, the more I find I need to keep learning.

I started out as a rebellious girl who was depressed, and then became a Christian. Now I am a married woman and new mother to a girl of my own.

I don't make any pretenses as to being perfect or even good at being a biblical woman. I only wish to share what I have learned, and what God keeps teaching me. This is a service to you, should you desire to learn biblical femininity, and a future service to my daughter.

I also wish to learn from you, should you have any comments that would further lift up biblical femininity and dispel the lie of feminism that has creeped into the hearts of Christs Bride, the Church.

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  1. Nicki, I'm looking forward to reading and chiming in whenever I can. Praying for you on this journey!


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