Most women don't really want to hear the things I have to say. Not the things that matter. Not the truth. However, I'm like a broken record. I can't help but say the same irritating things over and over and over...

These things need to be said, though. 

The Church has committed apostasy and has become more and more like the pagan culture. As a result, it has allowed the philosophies and doctrines of humanism and it's wife, feminism to creep in and be taught in place of God's teaching. 

Because the Church has failed to teach women how to behave in a manner that honors God, the Christian woman is left without much guidance on how to behave toward men - fathers, husbands, brothers. 

Divorce is becoming just as common in the Church as it is among those who are not Christians. This is not entirely the wife's fault, but I wonder if it would help marriages if women were taught to behave in a biblical manner.

Young women move out on their own and "become adults" and abandon the covering of their parents authority and inadvertently commit dishonor against them.

The word "submission" has become a dirty word that has come to be associated with weakness and subservience, rather than gentleness, strength, self-control, and honor.

I am not an expert on being a biblical woman. I am rebellious toward God, my parents, and my husband. However, I am trying (with God's help) to overcome my sinful nature. 

This blog is for people who profess to be Christians/followers of Christ and it is about about my discoveries along the way to becoming a biblical woman.